Bachelor of Visual Arts

You’re creative at heart and would like to build a career doing what you love. Over three years of your study you will prepare yourself to thrive as an artist in diverse creative industries.
Ballarat - Camp St
Semester 1
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Ballarat - Camp St
Semester 1
Semester 2
Other intakes
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3 years
(360 credit points = 3.0 EFTSL)
Selection is based on successful interview and folio presentation as well as completing a year 12 qualification (VCE/interstate or overseas equivalent), as well as meeting the prerequisite study requirements.

By engaging in Visual Art studio activities you will explore and define yourself as a creative practitioner. You will start to build your specialist skills through practical studio based workshops of experimentation and self-discovery.

During the first year, you are introduced to studio based learning in both two-dimensional and multi-dimensional projects. Learning may take place in a studio or workshop, lecture, tutorial, library, gallery or another learning setting, on- or off-campus.

In your second and third years of study you will continue to explore and deepen your specialist studio based interests and adopt critical approaches in your practice, continuing to develop yourself as a creative practitioner.

In the final year of your degree, you will propose a self-directed project incorporating research and contemporary art practice, supported by staff from a number of specialist studios. You will be working in, or across, the different studios or directly with practitioners in community based arts activities and events. This will culminate in opportunities to exhibit, engage in community cultural events and explore your future opportunities in diverse creative industries.

You will develop the skills and understanding required for employment in community arts as future leaders and entrepreneurs.

Our open, flexible studios in the Visual Arts include specialized facilities for work in ceramics/3D materials, drawing, printmaking, photography and painting. All intensive teaching staff are practicing artists and designers with considerable reputations in Australia. For more information, please visit

  • Arts and cultural planner
  • Cartoonist
  • Commercial potter
  • Creative director
  • Cultural development officer
  • Cultural heritage officer
  • Gallery assistant
  • Illustrator
  • Jewellery designer/maker
  • Museum curator/technician
  • Painter
  • Photo journalist
  • Photographer
  • Potter/ceramist
  • Printmaker
  • Screen printer
  • Sculptor
  • Set designer
  • Textile designer
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Art/creative director
  • Artist

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Please note this is a sample structure only and is not to be used for enrolment purposes. To enrol, please refer to the information provided to you by Federation University for your individual program structure or view our enrolment information page.

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Year 1

Semester 1

ACACW1001, 15 credit points
CAXDC1000, 15 credit points
Year 1, Semester 1 Electives (2)

Semester 2

ACACW1002, 15 credit points
Year 1, Semester 2 Electives (2)

Year 2

Semester 1

CAXDC2001, 15 credit points
Year 1, Semester 2 Electives (2)

Semester 2

ACACW2004, 15 credit points
Year 2, Semester 2 Electives (2)

Year 3

Semester 1

VAPAP3005, 15 credit points
VASAP3005, 30 credit points

Semester 2

VASAP3006, 45 credit points
VATHR3016, 15 credit points
15-20 hours per week
This program requires a total of 8 placement hours.
Important for Yr 10 students

Entry requirements (year 12)

Admissions Criteria for current Year 12 students (2020) and recent secondary graduates (2019 and 2018)


  • Units 3 and 4: a study score of at least 20 in any English.

Subject Adjustments

A study score of 35 in any Art, any History or any Information Technology equals 3 aggregate points per study. Overall maximum of 5 points.

SEAS (Special Entry Access Scheme)

Applicants who have experienced educational disadvantage are encouraged to apply for the Special Entry Access Schemes (SEAS). Depending on eligibility and your circumstances, a SEAS application may provide support for your course application. 

Entry requirements (non year 12)

Admission criteria for applicants with a Higher Education Study

This course uses the applicants’ entire academic record as part of its selection considerations.

Compulsory: Previous higher education studies with results at a pass level, including any 'single subjects of study', or successful completion of a tertiary preparatory program such as the FedUni Foundation Access Studies Program (FAST).


Admission criteria for applications with a Vocational Education and Training study

This course uses the applicants’ entire academic record as part of its selection considerations.

Compulsory: Successful completion of a relevant VET qualification at Certificate III level or higher.


Admission criteria for applications with work and life experience

This course uses the applicants’ entire academic record as part of its selection considerations.

Compulsory: Applicants who have not completed secondary education, or undertaken any TAFE or university studies should include a personal statement detailing all relevant experience to strengthen their application.

Extra Requirements

Essential requirements for selection and application

Supplementary form

Compulsory: Applicants must complete and submit a supplementary application form to secure an interview. The online form can be accessed from here

Folio and folio presentation 

Compulsory: The selection process includes an interview and folio presentation. Your folio work should be representative of your creative ideas and abilities. Qualities of importance are originality, innovation, imagination, experimentation and competence in the basic skills associated with visual arts. Please include evidence of your drawing skills in your folio, along with any journals of relevant material. Read more about preparing your folio or consider attending our folio preparation workshop.


Compulsory: Applicants must attend an interview of approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Please check the Arts Academy webpage for dates and locations.
In the interview, you are asked to present a comprehensive folio of your work in a variety of media. The selection panel is interested to hear about your motivations for studying in your chosen field, and see a range of creative work that demonstrates your ability to explore ideas in depth. Read more about the interview.

The application method varies depending on your circumstances, please visit our How to apply page for further information.

VTAC application: Yes

VTAC code: 3700210861 (Camp St)

Direct application: Yes

Federation University code: QV5

CRICOS code: 0100641

Fees are subject to change annually.

Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP)

$7,950 estimated annual tuition fee - commencing 2021

Annual tuition fees are per 120 credit points which represents 1 EFTSL or a standard full-time study load for a year.

The estimated annual fees are indicative only. The tuition fees you pay will vary depending on the subjects you choose to study as each subject has its own credit point value and cost. The total cost will vary depending on the subjects you choose, your study load and the time it takes to complete your course.

Fee assistance

As a Commonwealth Supported Place student, you may be eligible to defer payment of your student contribution through the HECS-HELP loan scheme. Please visit our HECS-HELP webpage for further information.

Other fees

You may need to pay some other fees such as the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).

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Find out about our Folio Preparation workshop.

This workshop is designed for VCE, mature-age and direct entry prospective art students. It aims to assist you in planning and developing a quality folio of artwork to present at an interview for entry into on a tertiary visual arts program.

Practical sessions will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and in formulating ideas to improve your artistic concepts of visual and design language.

Participants benefit from hands-on sessions that combine open-ended activities of two-dimensional and design concepts. Together with this experience, you will gain insight into the art school environment at an advanced level.


A range of student services are available at most campuses. For further information on these services or for course information, please contact us on 1800 333 864.

The commencement of all programs is subject to available funding and enrolment quotas.

All information contained in this program overview including the availability of programs and fees, is correct at the time of being published, however the University reserves the right to alter any program, procedure or fee. Students should check for any amendment prior to enrolment.

CRICOS Provider No.00103D
Please note: This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding to eligible individuals.
National RTO Code: 4909

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School of Arts

Course coordinator

Angela Campbell
Chrissy Smith