Bachelor of Geoscience

With our degree, you'll learn all about the geology of our planet - the structure, physical history, composition, and dynamic systems. 
3 years
(360 credit points = 3.0 EFTSL)
Guaranteed ATAR 60.00
 Lowest Adjusted ATAR 64.85

You'll explore our planet through both theory and field experience, use mapping, technology and historical data to build conceptual models. You will learn how these models can help you estimate where mineral, water and other natural resources are located beneath the earth's surface. We will also teach you how to extract these resources in a sustainable way. You will also gain experience in identifying and mitigating natural hazards.

The degree is highly interactive and teaches you the specialised skills you need to work in this field. You can choose to specialise in exploration/mine geoscience or environmental geoscience. Your field skills will be honed at world renowned sites in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

This course provides specialist training for those who wish to pursue professional careers in mineral and oil exploration, extractive industries, environmental science, or hydrogeology.

  • Consultant
  • Engineering geologist
  • Environmental geologist
  • Exploration geologist
  • Geologist
  • Geomorphologist
  • Geoscience data manager
  • Geotechnician
  • Hydrogeologist
  • Land use geologist
  • Mine geologist
  • Mineralogist
  • Natural resource manager
  • Petroleum geologist
  • Production geologist
  • Science educator
  • Stratigrapher
  • Structural geologist
  • Geology
  • Geologist

Graduates of the program are widely recognised by employing agencies as having excellent applied skills in their chosen field. Past graduates have found rewarding careers in the mining industry, government geoscience organisations and the petroleum exploration sector, as well as engineering and environmental geologists.

Geoscience qualifications are highly regarded in all resource-rich countries, including Australia.


Sample structures are just one example of the many options available within your chosen course. Please contact Federation University for further information on available options.

Please note this is a sample structure only and is not to be used for enrolment purposes. To enrol, please refer to the information provided to you by Federation University for your individual program structure or view our enrolment information page.

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Year 1

Semester 1

SCCHM1001, 15 credit points
SCCOR1300, 15 credit points
SCENV1001, 15 credit points
SCGEO1105, 15 credit points

Semester 2

SCCOR1200, 15 credit points
SCGEO1103, 15 credit points
STATS1000, 15 credit points

Year 2

Semester 1

SCENV2600, 15 credit points
SCGEO2106, 15 credit points
SCGEO2111, 15 credit points
SCGEO2112, 15 credit points

Semester 2

SCGEO2102, 15 credit points
SCGEO2103, 15 credit points
SCGEO2105, 15 credit points
SCGEO2107, 15 credit points

Year 3

Semester 1

SCGEO3102, 15 credit points
SCGEO3103, 15 credit points

Semester 2

SCGEO3104, 15 credit points
SCGEO3106, 15 credit points

16 hours per week

Delivery: Combination of classroom and online.

Domestic students may apply for the Industry Placement Program (IPP) which offers up to 26 weeks of industry based experience. IPP students receive a scholarship payment of up to $15,000.

Important for Yr 10 students

Entry requirements (year 12)

Admissions Criteria for current Year 12 students and recent secondary graduates (the past 2 years)


  • Units 3 and 4: a study score of at least 20 in any English;
  • Units 3 and 4: a study score of at least 20 in one of any Mathematics or any Science.

This course uses the ATAR as part of its selection considerations.

Guaranteed ATAR

This program has a guaranteed ATAR.
If you meet the program pre-requisites and any ‘Essential Requirements for Admission’, we will guarantee you a place in this program with this ATAR. We use the adjusted ATAR, factoring in subject adjustments and SEAS as detailed below.

Subject Adjustments

A study score of 35 in Biology, Chemistry or Physics equals 3 aggregate points per study. Overall maximum of 5 points.

SEAS (Special Entry Access Scheme)

Applicants who have experienced educational disadvantage are encouraged to apply for the Special Entry Access Schemes (SEAS). Depending on eligibility and your circumstances, a SEAS application may provide support for your course application.



Entry requirements (non year 12)

Admission criteria for applicants with a Higher Education Study

This course uses the applicants’ entire academic record as part of its selection considerations.

Compulsory:  Previous higher education studies with results at a pass level, including any 'single subjects of study', or successful completion of a tertiary preparatory program such as the FedUni Foundation Access Studies Program (FAST).


Admission criteria for applications with a Vocational Education and Training study

This course uses the applicants’ entire academic record as part of its selection considerations.

Compulsory: Successful completion of a relevant VET qualification at Certificate III level or higher.


Admission criteria for applications with work and life experience

This course uses the applicants’ entire academic record as part of its selection considerations.

Compulsory: Applicants who have not completed secondary education, or undertaken any TAFE or university studies should include a personal statement detailing all relevant experience to strengthen their application.


Extra Requirements





The application method varies depending on your circumstances, please visit our How to apply page for further information.

VTAC application: Yes

VTAC code: 3700537791 (Mt Helen)

Direct application: Yes

Federation University code: SG5

CRICOS code: 088139J

Fees are subject to change annually.


Other fees

You may need to pay some other fees such as the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).

Other study costs

The following excursion costs will occur throughout the duration of this program and may occur in years 1, 2 or 3.

Cost for fieldwork will be for transportation, accommodation and food


Can your studies count towards a degree with us? Use our online Credit Search to get the details on completing your studies sooner.

Credit will be considered if you have successfully completed higher education or TAFE studies relevant to this degree. Advanced standing will be determined on an individual basis, depending on your eligibility for credit transfer, prior experience and qualifications.

Candidates seeking alternate entry to the Bachelor of Geoscience can consider the following option;

Foundation Access Studies Program (FAST) - designed to provide you an alternate entry into tertiary study. On successful completion of FAST, students can apply for the Bachelor of Geoscience for the next semester.

You can progress to the Bachelor of Science (Honours) as a prelude to a higher degree in research or a professional qualification.



Graduates in geology from Federation University Australia are eligible for membership of a number of professional societies, including the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, and the Australian Institute of Geosciences. Membership of either professional body carries accreditation with the Australian Stock Exchange, a requirement for some practising geologists in order to authorise the release of company reports.




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The commencement of all programs is subject to available funding and enrolment quotas.

All information contained in this program overview including the availability of programs and fees, is correct at the time of being published, however the University reserves the right to alter any program, procedure or fee. Students should check for any amendment prior to enrolment.

CRICOS Provider No.00103D
Please note: This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding to eligible individuals.
National RTO Code: 4909

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