This course is concerned with all aspects of physical preparation for athletes participating in competitive sport. It covers principles and applications of training for endurance, speed qualities, strength qualities, agility, body composition, periodising and planning programs, monitoring training, recovery, screening for injury prevention, and issues such as altitude training and overtraining. The course also covers principles of assessment of physical qualities, criteria for selection of tests such as validity and reliability, and interpretation of test results. Through assignment work, students are required to gather evidence from research and other sources to provide a rationale for efficacious training and testing of athletes.

Credit points 15
EFTSL 0.125
Contribution band 1
For students entolled in Commonwealth Supported Place CSP), each course falls into one of three bands. The band determines the student contributuon amount (SCA) which is charged for each course. The maximum student contribution amounts are based on a standard, full-time enrolment (120 credit points per year) with courses in the same band.