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How to apply - TAFE

With a strong focus on employment-based training, Federation TAFE brings together the training, the skills, the employers and you, to support your success into the future. Read on for details on how to apply for a TAFE course.


Eligibility for TAFE courses has changed.

If you have applied for a TAFE course in the past and were not able to access a funded position, you may now be eligible.

If you already have a higher qualification and are looking for a change with a TAFE course, you may now be eligible.

Fees / Free tuition / Training fee subsidies

Training fee subsidies are making vocational education and training more accessible to everyone.

The tuition for some courses is free at TAFE.

Free TAFE Priority Courses is a Victorian Government program that will pay your tuition fees to study selected courses at TAFE if you are eligible. Materials fees will apply to some courses.

It will reduce the financial barrier for students wanting to train in courses that lead to priority occupations - those in demand from employers in the Victorian economy.

View information about available courses and eligibility criteria on Course Finder.

Browse our fees, charges, student loans and Fee-HELP section for further information.

Eligibility criteria: Government subsidised place

If you're looking to study a course that isn't on the free list there will be course fees, but you may be eligible for a government subsidised place. This means the government will pay for your course and you will repay the loan when you start working and earning a certain income (similar to a HECS-Help loan). To be eligible for a government subsidised place you must meet certain eligibility criteria. Any student who does not meet the eligibility criteria will be charged the full fee tuition rate.

To meet the citizenship/residency eligibility requirements, you must be:


  • Under 18 you will require parental or guardian consent
  • Under 17 refer to following link to review additional requirements. Enrolling students under 17
  • Not be currently enrolled in or due to commence two or more courses as a government subsidised student within the current year; and

Entry requirements

Applicants must meet the specific entry requirements stated in the VTAC Guide or in the course information contained within our Course Finder.

All applicants must also:

  • complete an online application form.
  • complete a Language Literacy and Numeracy test (LLN).  This is an online assessment for your numeracy and literacy; you don’t need to study for it.
  • attend a pre-training interview if applicable to the course. This is an informal chat where we meet with you to discuss the course and answer any questions you may have.

You must check if there are any essential requirements for admission for the individual courses you are applying to study. Some courses will require you to attend an information session before you submit your application form. Check Course Finder or call us for more information.

To search and confirm your chosen TAFE course's entry requirements, refer to our Course Finder.

Our staff are here to help you every step of the way. Call us on 1800 333 864, submit an enquiry via our Enquiries portal or pop in for a chat at Student HQ at SMB, Mt Helen or Horsham Campus.

Apply for a TAFE course

Refer to the category below that best describes you, for specific information.

When to apply

Direct applications for TAFE courses are now being accepted for commencement in the next available term.

Closing dates may vary between courses/Schools depending on the scheduled commencement date for your chosen TAFE course. Please check our Course Finder for more information.

How to apply: Current year 12 students

If the course you wish to apply for is available for VTAC application, then you will need to apply via the VTAC website.

If the course you wish to apply for is not available for VTAC application, you can apply online.

How to apply: Non-year 12 applicants

If you are applying to study with Federation only, you can apply online.

If you wish to apply to multiple institutions, and the course you wish to apply for is available for VTAC application, then you will need to apply via the VTAC website.

Requirements for successful applicants

Should your application be successful, you will be contacted by email confirming your enrolment.. Once complete, we will be able to advise on commencement dates, timetables etc.

To confirm citizenship/residency you must provide ONE of the following original documents or certified copies:

  • Australian birth certificate (not birth extract)
  • Current Australian passport
  • Current New Zealand passport
  • Naturalisation certificate
  • Current green Medicare card
  • Formal documentation issued by Immigration confirming permanent residence
  • A proxy declaration for individuals in exceptional circumstances
  • An Australian citizenship by descent extract

If your age is relevant to your eligibility (under 20 years old at 1 January in the year of course commencement) and the document produced from the list above does not include a date of birth, you must also supply ONE of the following original documents:

  • Australian birth certificate
  • Current drivers license
  • Current learners permit
  • Proof of age card
  • 'Keypass' card

Apply for an apprenticeship or traineeship

You’ve found yourself employment as an apprentice or trainee – congratulations!  Now you need to enrol in your studies to support your new role. Applying for a Federation apprenticeship or traineeship is simple.

Application process

Applying for an apprenticeship or traineeship is different to applying for most other TAFE courses. Apprentices and trainees need to be employed within their trade before they can start their apprenticeship or traineeship course.

When you commence your apprenticeship or traineeship you will sign a training agreement. This will start a process which will result in you and your employer being invited to complete an application and enrolment package. You do not need to complete an application form such as the ones referred to on this page.


If you want a career in the trades, a pre-apprenticeship course will help you get to where you want to go, and the hands-on skills you will learn can give you the edge when you are applying for apprenticeship positions.

View information about pre-apprenticeship courses on the Free TAFE website or Course Finder.

To apply for a pre-apprenticeship course apply online.

Entry requirements

Some traineeship/apprenticeship/pre-apprenticeship courses will have entry requirements in addition to your employment. To search and confirm your chosen TAFE course's entry requirements, refer to our Course Finder

When to apply

Direct applications for pre-apprenticeship courses are now being accepted for commencement in the next available term. Closing dates may vary between courses/Schools; please check our Course Finder for course-specific information.

Applications for apprenticeships and traineeships are always open, in line with your training agreement

Fees and charges

Fees for TAFE courses are payable upon enrolment. Refer to our TAFE fees and charges page

Have more questions?

There are several resources available to help you through the application process. You can ask our chatbot in the application centre or review our FAQs (pdf, 286kb). If you are still unsure and require further assistance you can always submit an enquiry and our team will be in contact with you.