2022 Course Detail & Cost

There can be variation in course offerings due to changes to program requirements, student interest and staff availability. It is very important that students check for course delivery amendments, including campus/location availability, prior to making decisions about enrolment.

AABCA4011 Research Methods

AABCA4012 Exegesis

AABCA4023 Studio Project A

AABCA4024 Studio Project B

ACAAP3001 Artworks Project 3001 (artist Led Public Project)

ACAAP3002 Artworks Project 3006 (student Led Public Project)

ACACW1001 Collaborative Workshop 1 (collaboration)

ACACW1002 Collaborative Workshop 2 (collaboration)

ACACW2003 Collaborative Workshop 3 (production)

ACACW2004 Collaborative Workshop 4 (production)

ACACW3005 Collaborative Workshop 5 (facilitation)

ACACW3006 Collaborative Workshop 6 (facilitation)

ACALM1001 Cultural Leadership And Management 1

ACALM1002 Cultural Leadership And Management 2 (finance)

ACALM2003 Cultural Leadership And Management 3

ACALM2004 Cultural Leadership And Management 4

ACALM3005 Cultural Leadership And Management 5

ACALM3006 Cultural Leadership And Management 6

ACAPP1001 Applied Creative Arts Performance Practice 1

ACAPP1002 Applied Creative Arts Performance Practice 2

ACAPP2003 Applied Creative Arts Performance Practice 3

ACAPP2004 Applied Creative Arts Performance Practice 4

ACAPV1001 Applied Creative Arts Performance Voice 1 (use Of Self)

ACAPV1002 Applied Creative Arts Performance Voice 2 (use Of Text)

ACAPV2003 Applied Creative Arts Performance Voice 3 (body Voice)

ACAPV2004 Applied Creative Arts Performance Voice 4 (the Performer Speaks)

ACGGC1002 Introduction To Financial Accounting

ACGGC2020 Cost Information Of Decision Making

ACGGC2491 Company Reporting

ACGGC2851 Accounting Information Systems And Financial Modelling

ACGGC3021 Performance Measurement And Control

ACGGC3040 Accounting Theory

ACGGC3041 Auditing And Assurance

ACGGC3050 Advanced Financial Accounting Theory And Issues

ACGGC5971 Introductory Accounting

AFGGC5971 Introductory Accounting

AFGGC9040 Accounting Theory And Current Issues

AFGGC9044 Business Finance

AFGGC9070 Financial Management

AFGGC9072 Management Accounting

AFGGC9073 Financial Accounting

ALHLT8001 Research Thesis (f/t)

ALHLT8002 Research Thesis (p/t)

APGGC4763 Human Services Research Methods

APGGC5867 Research Practicum

APGGC5868 Research Practicum

ASCGC4100 Honours Research Project

ASCGC4200 Honours Coursework

ASHOR3001 Plant Science

ASHOR3002 Sustainable Horitculture

ASHOR3020 Landscape Management

ASHOR3021 Landscape Construction

ASHOR3022 Landscape And Garden History

ASHOR3023 Restoration And Management Of Historical Gardens

ASHOR3024 Advanced Garden Design

ASHOR3040 Water Management

ASHOR3041 Vegetable And Flower Crop Production

ASHOR3042 Tree Fruit And Nut Production

ASHOR3043 Turf Production

ASHOR3044 Tree Crops

ASHOR3190 Industry Project

ATSGC1251 Introduction To Indigenous Australian Studies

ATSGC1252 Issues In Aboriginal Education

ATSGC1277 Media Studies

ATSGC1283 Crime: Theory And Practice

ATSGC1284 The Criminal Justice Process

ATSGC1312 Modern World Events And Issues

ATSGC1330 Newsroom Practice And Theory

ATSGC1362 Interpersonal Practice And Counselling Skills

ATSGC1363 Counselling & Groupwork Skills

ATSGC1369 Understanding University Learning

ATSGC1370 Knowledge And Professionals

ATSGC1897 Public Relations Theory, Principles And Practice

ATSGC1898 A Changing World: Globalisation And Social Change

ATSGC2364 Indigenous Australian Politics And Activism

ATSGC2365 Australian Indigenous Literature

ATSGC2366 Australian Indigenous Art And Design

ATSGC2367 Australian Indigenous Women

ATSGC2369 Indigenous Australian Human Rights

ATSGC2448 Screen Theories And Techniques

ATSGC2452 Courtesans, Concubines And Conquest

ATSGC2471 Comparative Criminal Justice: An International Perspective

ATSGC2473 Offender Profiling

ATSGC2498 Contemporary Fiction

ATSGC2566 Researching The Past: (re)discovering The Voiceless

ATSGC2569 Australian History: Professional And Political Contexts

ATSGC2570 International Relations

ATSGC2656 E-journalism

ATSGC2731 Regional And Rural Societies: People, Place And Nature

ATSGC2733 Work And Technology

ATSGC2734 Sociology Of Deviance

ATSGC2736 Environmental Sociology

ATSGC2737 Social Justice

ATSGC2739 Identity, Gender And Sexuality

ATSGC2782 Alternative And Mainstream Communities

ATSGC2815 Crisis And Risk Communication

ATSGC2822 Advanced Counselling And Case Management

ATSGC2823 Community Development

ATSGC2825 Social Issues And Personal Values

ATSGC2894 Accommodating Minorities In Australia?

ATSGC2895 Gender, Race And Journalism

ATSGC2896 Photojournalism

ATSGC2918 Social Media And Online Public Relations

ATSGC2929 Sociology Of Race And Ethnic Relations

ATSGC2990 Feature Writing

ATSGC2991 Public Relations Writing

ATSGC3059 Applied Media And Social Sciences Internship

ATSGC3364 Indigenous Australian Politics And Activism

ATSGC3366 Australian Indigenous Art And Design

ATSGC3367 Australian Indigenous Women

ATSGC3369 Indigenous Australian Human Rights

ATSGC3448 Screen Theories And Techniques

ATSGC3452 Courtesans, Concubines And Conquest

ATSGC3472 Crime And Violence: Rural, Regional And Urban Communities

ATSGC3473 Offender Profiling

ATSGC3498 Contemporary Fiction

ATSGC3566 Researching The Past: (re)discovering The Voiceless

ATSGC3569 Australian History: Professional And Political Contexts

ATSGC3570 International Relations

ATSGC3656 E-journalism

ATSGC3731 Regional And Rural Societies: People, Place And Nature

ATSGC3733 Work And Technology

ATSGC3734 Sociology Of Deviance

ATSGC3736 Environmental Sociology

ATSGC3737 Social Justice

ATSGC3739 Identity, Gender And Sexuality

ATSGC3745 Global Indigenous Studies

ATSGC3782 Alternative And Mainstream Communities

ATSGC3796 Industry Placement

ATSGC3797 Truth, Power And Structure: Understanding History And Politics

ATSGC3838 Public Relations Campaigns

ATSGC3846 People And Other Animals: A Social Science Perspective

ATSGC3848 Insights Into Practice

ATSGC3850 Human Services Management And Practice

ATSGC3851 Social Policy

ATSGC3855 Making Sense Of The Social World

ATSGC3857 Writing Techniques

ATSGC3858 Writing Experiments

ATSGC3894 Accommodating Minorities In Australia?

ATSGC3895 Gender, Race And Journalism

ATSGC3896 Photojournalism

ATSGC3929 Sociology Of Race And Ethnic Relations

ATSGC4846 Research Methods In Psychological Sciences