Physiotherapy Theory and Application 2 (Part 2 of 2) (NHPPS4001)

This course is the second of two clinical practice courses, which are designed to set the foundation for learning experiences within health settings. This course is made up of three 5-week placements in different discipline areas selected from the mandatory placements of Acute Care/Cardiorespiratory, Neuro/Rehabilitation, Musculo-skeletal Physiotherapy, Rural and non-core. The total of 15 weeks of supervised professional practice clinical experience will be conducted in clinical settings in a range of public and private healthcare facilities. This course in conjunction with NHPPS3007 contains 525 hours of Professional Experience Placement.

Credit points 60
Contribution band 2
For students entolled in Commonwealth Supported Place CSP), each course falls into one of three bands. The band determines the student contributuon amount (SCA) which is charged for each course. The maximum student contribution amounts are based on a standard, full-time enrolment (120 credit points per year) with courses in the same band.